Prayer Labyrinth

Take some time out of your day for quiet contemplation by walking our prayer labyrinth.

How to walk our church’s labyrinth:

•  Prepare to walk

Talk time to transition from everyday life to a labyrinth experience. Remove your watch, still your mind, slow your breathing and think about or write in a journal your intentions for the experience: questions, affirmations, feelings.

•  Begin your journey

Pause at the entrance to the labyrinth to take a deep breath and focus your attention. You may ask a question, seek God’s guidance and wisdom for a particular issue, say a prayer, sing a hymn or recite an affirmation. Some people choose to make the sign of the cross or bow.

•  Walk the inward path – RELEASE

Walk at a measured pace that is comfortable for you. On the way in, focus on letting go of the things you want to leave behind and releasing those things that stand in the way of your spiritual journey. Pause when you need to pause. Don’t focus on the center as a goal; be present in each step. Release the stress, tension and worries of your life.

•  Spend time in the center – REST & RECEIVE

Take as long as you wish. You may stand or sit or kneel. Be present with God. You may pray or simply be open to the stillness. Respect the boundaries of others with whom you share this sacred space. Use this holy time to rest in God’s presence and receive God’s message for you.

•  Take the return path – REFLECT

When you are ready to leave the center, begin walking back the way you came. On this part of the journey, focus and reflect on what you will bring out from the center and back into your life. As before, pause when you need to. Resist the temptation to sprint to the finish line.

•  Finish your journey – RETURN

When you leave the labyrinth, you may pause to make a gesture (sign of the cross or bow) or say a prayer. Before leaving the area, take some additional time to reflect on insights you’ve gained, or make notes in a journal.   Return to your daily life restored by God’s presence.